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Tom Balistreri

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My Freedom

The princes of earth are reaching out their hands

Not lift mans spirit it’s his money they demand.


They regulate, legislate, monitor and control.

But they haven’t figured out to possess a mans soul.


There’s a God above who oversees it all,

Who lifts up the humble and makes the proud to fall.


He has poured out his spirit into the hearts of men.

Who long to live in peace but are forced to take a stand.




You can take my life but you’ll never take my freedom.

I will fight for the right to live for the God I believe in.




The God I serve Blesses all from above

He doesn’t ask us to kill He tells us to love.


Though many have done wrong in His name

They weren’t acting for Him they had they’re own game.


Though we are willing to turn the other cheek

That doesn’t mean that people can prey upon the weak.


We must help the helpless stand up for what’s right.

Dissipate the darkness and walk in the light.

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